RIM GROUP has an exceptional sales team of over 50 people responsible for presenting brands, positioning products and making them available in every store in the best possible way to customers across the country and region.

Our successful sales strategy is evidenced by our fantastic business cooperation with the largest retail chains in the country - Delhaize, Mercator S, Metro, Aman, Aroma, Univerexport, DM drogerie.


Company RIM GROUP is one of the most important distributors of consumer products. It has positioned itself with an efficient planning strategy, fast and verified flow of goods and information and excellent control in the transport sector in order to ensure the best way in which the products will reach their consumers. World brands that have been spreading through our distribution network for many years, as well as domestic companies that have entrusted us with their products, are confirmation of the successful business system that we have established.


Knowing how important time is, especially in the modern business world, and thanks to the capacities at our disposal, we are able to deliver high-quality products to our customers in less than 24 hours and thus justify the trust placed in us. Speed and accuracy, reducing costs, and increasing profits are the main determinants that guide our logistics team.